I have programmed professionaly since 2003. I started with programming applications for internal usage within a small company in my hometown. After 2 years I moved to Prague to prove my programming skills in enterprise level applications. Further 3 years shifted me from an employee to a freelancer. During this intensive experience gaining I have obtained programing knowledge within the following areas:

Languages Years Level Web Technologies Years Level
C# 7 expert ASP.NET 5 expert
Visual Basic .NET 1 advanced ASP 1.5 advanced
Visual Basic 6 3 advanced JavaScript 1.5 advanced
T-SQL 2 advanced AJAX 0.5 basis
PL / SQL 2.5 advanced
Databases Years Level XML Years Level
Microsoft SQL Server 2 advanced XML 2 advanced
Oracle 1 basis XSD 1 advanced
MySQL 0.5 basis XSL 0.5 basis
XPATH 0.5 basis
Document Management Years Level Reporting Years Level
FileNet 0.5 basis Business Objects / Crystal Reports 0.5 basis
Microsoft SharePoint 1 basis Microsoft SQL Reporting Services 0.5 basis


A brief summary of applications which I have became familiar with during my professional growth:

Designer Tools Years Level Database Environments Years Level
Microsoft Visio 4 advanced Visual Studio .NET 7 expert
Enterprise Architect 1,5 advanced Visual Studio 6 3 advanced
Visual Basic 6 3 advanced JavaScript 1.5 advanced
XML Spy 0.5 basis
Database Environments Years Level Frameworks Years Level
Microsoft Enterprise Library 2 advanced SQL Server Management 2 advanced
Web Service Software Factory 1.5 advanced Oracle SQL Developer 1 advanced
SQL Plus 1.5 advanced

Soft Skills